Guest Services - PING!!!

When you stay at any of our properties, one thing will strike you immediately: we take our guests' welfare very seriously. DividePICT0036[1].JPGd into two key discipline areas - Guest Relations and Housekeeping - each of our Guest Services staff have been handpicked for their unique skill sets, dedication and professionalism.

Think of the Guest Relations Manager as an extension of yourself. Your own personal facilitator, the Guest Relations Manager will happily arrange any service you require with speed and efficiency. Whether you need to arrange car hire or book a table at that exclusive restaurant, the Guest Relations Manager is there to serve your every need.

You can never underestimate the role of Housekeeping. Because of our dedicated Housekeeping staff, you will always be welcomed in a pristine home. A wide range of additional housekeeping services are there for your comfort. All you have to do is ask.

Car Rentals

With just one click our guest can book both a beautiful vacation home and car. With conveniences such as free airport/hotel pick-up and drop-off; comfortable new cars at affordable rates, free cellular phones (conditions apply) and everything else you've ever wanted in a car rental. Our cars are priced competitively, so go ahead and book with confidence.

Free Customer Pickup and Return

Whatever your place of pick-up, home, the office, body shop or the public transit station, we will pick you up. Please keep in mind that this offer is available for pickups from the Norman Manley International Airport.

Free Wrecker Pick-Up

We provide a full line of towing services for our car rentals and can assist you in any roadside emergency free of charge!