Vacation Rentals Jamaica - Property Marketing and Management Services

ProhomesJa is a vacation rental and property marketing and management company, geared  towards providing high quality accommodation options for vacationers and corporate business professionals who desire the exquisite taste of fine real estate with a homely ambiance. We are dedicated to providing charming accommodation for individuals who work away from home for long periods and would rather the comfort and exclusivity of home instead of the fussy and crowded conventional hotel. We offer benchmark rental units under a well structured management system that has been delivering satisfaction to our customers, as evidenced by our reviews. Our impeccable track record is undeniable evidence that our accommodations are safe, whilst boasting cutting edge features with an excellent atmosphere and, most importantly, unmatched customer service and attention with a personal touch. We will continue to provide nothing less than top quality rental units, superior customer service and individual attention to new and returning clients.

Since inception, our relentless efforts to deliver excellence have resulted in client loyalty as evidenced by our average occupancy rate in the region of 90%. This significantly favourable response has required continued enhancement and expansion. We proudly boast a client base demanding far more accommodation than our current portfolio comprises, we will therefore need more apartments to accommodate our clientele. 

There is tremendous power in collaboration and so we offer the services of our proven management expertise and reputation to owners of rental properties for a mutual benefit; such proprietors can achieve:

  • increased revenues
  • satisfied clientele
  • aesthetic maintenance of property
  • appreciated market value

With increased more vacationers opting to stay at our properties, we invite you to join our team by subscribing to any of our powerful Success Packages; please contact us for more information.