Vacation Rentals Jamaica - Weather

Regardless of when you visit, the tropical climate and warm temperatures of Jamaica essentially guarantee beautiful weather during your vacation. So get your tees and slippers out and prepare to enjoy the Jamaican blaze!

Temperatures in Jamaica range between 80oF and 90oF (27oC to 32oC), with July and August being the hottest months and February the coolest. The rainiest weather in Jamaica occurs in May and June and again in October and November and can sometimes extend into December. The south-western coast of Jamaica receives little rain and is often classified as semi barren, while the eastern (windward) coast receives considerably more rain than anywhere else on the island. For the most part when it does rain in Jamaica, showers are short, heavy and followed by sweet sunshine.

Jamaica lies in the hurricane belt, so if youre travelling from June 1 to November 30, with August and September being the peak hurricane months, keep an eye on the weather. Although direct hits are relatively rear; most often, Jamaica will receive only the heavy rains that come on the outskirts of a hurricane, avoiding the most extreme weather conditions. With today's meteorological technology, advanced warnings for hurricanes will reach you long before you are ever in danger, so keeping an eye on the weather in Jamaica before you leave for your vacation will go a long way toward keeping you prepared. Jamaica meteorological centre provides ample information and frequent updates on weather conditions in and around Jamaica. If you hear that a hurricane has hit before you are to arrive, all is not lost. You may not have to alter your vacation at all, but do call ahead to verify current atmospheric conditions and extent of damage to the island; you may also want to get a statement from local business owners as to whether they are conducting business or when they think they will be operational again. It is always a good idea to insure your vacation so that in the unfortunate event you have to postpone or cancel your vacation your hard earned vacation money is safe.